Why is Digital Marketing Important to Every Entrepreneur

In the outset of starting a new business, brands are often in a dilemma as to how much should be the budget for marketing. Some like to do a mix of everything at an acute value to analyze what will work and whatnot. In this juggling scenario, Digital Marketing Important to Every Entrepreneur who holds an important place irrespective of the size of the business.

While every company has different goals, each one is trying to achieve growth. Now the big question is Digital Marketing Important to Every Entrepreneur for online marketing has become predominantly important over a decade. Is it the only affordable marketing out there?  Or is it the trend that every entrepreneur wants to follow? We think that Digital Marketing is not just about showing your service and product, it is about presenting a better version of your company. This includes the identity of you as a brand, how you want to reach your customers, and what you want to convey.

In this post, we will walk you through details of why digital marketing metrics are not just meaningless numbers but more than what you can even think of. At the end of this post, we have curated a few case studies talking about how Digital Marketing Important to Every Entrepreneur changed the dynamics of big brands overnight.

Hey, don’t go by our words! If the industry’s statistics are to be believed, entrepreneurs are actually getting benefitted. Below are the top 3reasons why businesses are connecting with customers and attracting new leads through digital media platforms.

Customers are going Digital Marketing

Consumer buying behaviour over the years has changed immensely. We have witnessed that a buyer not only seeks Google help to find his product but spends a lot of time comparing brand options. Hence, it becomes crucial for you to be present where a potential buyer must be searching for what you sell. Eg: You could be a one-man army or a budding entrepreneur wearing all hats. Being visible on the digital platform for you is equally important as it is for an established brand.

There’s a reason why people are bending towards digital means. There once was a time when television, radio, print ads in newspapers and magazines were used to reach out to a larger audience. Although offline mediums have not eradicated, they are not the first choice for the brands anymore. This becomes all the more important for you to mark your presence on digital media platforms just because your competitor is doing it.

Help Brands Improve Their Customer Relationships

This will not be difficult for us to prove it to you when we say that traditional marketing was always a one-way communication. However, digital marketing allows for two-way communication making it easier for brands to address concerns of their consumers. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow better ways to connect with your customers and respond to positive and negative queries.

Your Competitors Are Already There

Whatever business you are into, you need to keep up with your competitors to survive in your industry. That’s why shaking hands with digital marketing becomes all the more important. While brands have gradually understood the importance of digital marketing, most of them are already investing in the service to gain the benefit.

Benefits of Adopting Digital Marketing

Easy to Monitor & Track

It is important to track your marketing campaigns. This is helpful when you want to analyze the budget spent, performance, and results achieved by your campaign. With this activity, you can accurately measure your return on investment. Digital marketing activities are easy to monitor and track.

Respond To Your Customer Directly

By taking advantage of digital marketing like social media marketing you can respond to your customers directly. This way you are bridging the time gap between they approaching you with a query and you responding to it in real-time.

Flexible & Easy to Access

The era today sees a reasonable increase in the use of smartphones. Be it to watch the news, for networking, and various other activities. A great digital marketing strategy helps you connect with these potential consumers while they’re using their phones. This is done through email campaigns, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and remarketing ads. The benefit of digital marketing is that you can control it by activating and pausing at your will. You further have the flexibility of pausing or rather stopping a poorly performing campaign.

Reach out to Influencers to Endorse you

You can connect with influencers and get them to endorse you. This can be smartly done through campaigns where you can use their followers to become your consumers and spread brand awareness.

Let’s understand the power of Digital Marketing with the popular Scotch Brite uproar. It all began when a communications strategy consultant, Karthik Srinivasan took to LinkedIn and wrote about Scotch-Brite logo that has an image of a woman.

In this time of #SharingTheLoad, when brands are waking up to stereotypical gender roles, a logo of a patriarchal mindset was brought to people’s notice. Srinivasan soon received a reply from the Head of Marketing 3M India, Scotch-Brite’s parent company. Taking the quick advantage of the digital media platform, AtulMathur responded positively informing Srinivasan that they believe it is time to move from a traditional belief and we would see a change in the logo. Months later, we all saw the advertisement that went viral that conveyed the message ‘GharSabka, TohKaamBhiSabhiKa’.

Digital Marketing Important to Every Entrepreneur
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