Website Design

Website Design

Freelancer Web Design is the creation of the website with appropriate planning. Today, Information plays a significant role in the expansion of the business empire and also develops the economy on the whole. Web design is mainly used for describing design process front-end that is related to client-side designing of the website. We are the leading web design and development company to offer a fantastic and innovative solution for your business. With the use of high-end technologies and innovative techniques, we are ready to bring you an attractive website. Web designing includes

Website Design

  • Information Architecture
  •  User Interface
  • Site Structure
  • Navigation
  • Layout
  • Imagery
  • Colors
  • Fonts

Above criteria are combined with the innovative design for creating the website based on the requirement of the client. We have years of experience across the field of web design as well as website development for small, medium, and large enterprises. We have experience in working on the

  • Personal websites
  • E-commerce shopping websites
  • Corporate brochures
  • Banner designs
  • Print designs
  • Small business websites
  • Corporate websites
  • Organizations websites

We are the leading Freelancer Website design, Trivandrum, Kerala ensure to bring you the complete elegant looking website that gives a prominent solution for your business or organization. Creating the site that attracts the viewers generates more traffic on the search engines. Usually, the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many others prefer to place the list of the website based on its ranking or position of the web traffic. We are ready to help your website to reach the top position in the search engine and attract the number of viewers to stay on your web page. We are the freelance web designer company comprises of skilled team of 

  • Freelance web designer
  • Web user interface designer
  • Responsive website designer
  • Logo designer
  • Web developer
  • UI designer

Responsive Websites:

To get the maximum UI and UX experience, creating the Web Pages in the responsive mode is most important. We are the leading Freelancer Website Design Company in Trivandrum  to design the website for getting the highest level of the engagement for users. We mainly aim at providing a perfect solution for the website to make it more intuitive and interactive. Mobile website Design is also a new trend in today website design area so we keep importance that all our website are mobile responsive and mobile friend website to get the best satisfaction for our customers.


Fonts or typography plays an important role in communicating your message. Our web designers ensure that your website has attractive and clear Fonts. Web fonts are specifically designed for website usage. These can be mainly loaded with the CSS code. With the use of web fonts, our designers would create a beautiful and rich look with keeping the text much more easier to ready. Font sizes, spacing, and style play an important role in adding more attraction to the webpage. Our fonts are quite easier to access by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many others. Webpage Fonts have the overall design and layout for balancing the normalcy with complete freshness. Easily readable texts with at least 16 pixels give a more attractive look. Balancing the contrast between text and the site’s background colors would give you more color pairing a different tone, especially the dark. Our team helps you to make the informed decision to venture with amazing web fonts.

  • Integration with Google Font API and blogging platforms
  • Easy setup for designers
  • Full font library
  • Use different fonts on multiple projects.
  • Adobe fonts
  • Host custom fonts
  • Quick and easy setup


The color of the website plays an important element in improving the look of your website. Color palette and fonts give a better opinion for the visitor to the site.  Groundwork on the website gives you a better option for the success of the webpage. Choosing the right color scheme for the brand or industry perspective has targeted audience demographics. Based on a report, there are more than 7 million discernable hues that a human eye could detect. Paying attention to your readers’ expectations is quite important beyond the brand’s industry. When you are choosing the Dominant color, then you could consider the color palette you require. Adding a particular piece of content with the specific type of interaction feature gives the extra credit for the look of the website. We help you with the unique way of affecting the visitors on the site. Bright colors such as the green, orange as well as red are most used.


Do you want to implement a new website layout for your WebPages? First impressions are always the best impression. With the use of the beautiful layout on your website, it would improve the likeness of the audience with the page loads. We assure you in providing 100% unique and guaranteed newly designed Layout for the WebPages. Our innovative website layouts are mainly helpful for creating the best reaction on the visitors. Based on a report, a person would take only 50 milliseconds for having a  strong opinion in their mind about a website or business. The Layout plays an important role in complete determining whether they would leave or stay on the page. Website layout with a handful of soothing adjectives gives the clean, accessible, and initiative look. Having white space, margins, and the padding gives extra elements for the website to look more beautiful. Layout with Strong photography, graphics, or icons, provides supplementary information with the texts on the image.

Images & Icons:

Each piece of a website should be placed based on visual hierarchy for ensuring that the audience gets the maximum attraction. Whether you aim to have the for F-Patterns or Z-Patterns, it is easier for the direction of the eye of the visitors. Displaying the beautiful images and icons on the website would definitely highlight the feature of the product or the service. Images & Icons gives a better idea about what you are talking about. Attractive images on the website are also responsive as it aims to ensure optimized experience suitable for the viewers. Attractive images help the designers to showcase the beauty of the product easily. Images on the website generate a solid understanding of the type of product feature. It mainly conveys the message from the website owner to the viewers instead of words. Our team ensures to offer complete beauty of the images by increasing the attractive look of the website.


In the modern-day, background videos are quite famous as it would definitely attract most of the audience. Displaying the beautiful videos about your products or services helps the people to understand more. You can add a 30 second or 1-minute video on the website for showcasing the overall information about your business. Short videos are a great option at bringing a perfect solution to life. Videos would overwhelm the visitors with the most amazing experience. For example, when a company displays the short illustrator of how easy it is to use their product with the simple dragging-and-dropping design gives more beauty for the website. Viewers could easily understand the complete concept within seconds. According to a Magazine, more than 92% of B2B customers like to watch the videos online on the website for justifying their idea. It is helpful for getting more knowledge about the products and services for the business.

Navigation :

Navigation on the webpage is quite an important option to be considered. Every website viewer would ensure that the free access of the WebPages instantly. Adding more animated navigation and multi-tiered subnavs gives more beauty for accessing the website. Navigational elements such as the site’s header, footer, and body play an important role in directing the visitors for the information in a unique way. Strong navigation would give a more beautiful look for the Main Menu in the header. When your website has long, and one-page designs with a scroll-heavy option than including the directional arrows are most important. This would automatically help the user to direct on each section easily. For example, adding the “Back to Top” button gives quick delivery to visitors on top of the page. Users mainly tend to scroll farther on your webpage than you could expect and likes to witness about 50% of the website.


Loading Speed of the webpage is one of the most important factors to be considered. When the navigation system is speedier, then it would be quite an efficient option for increasing the customer satisfaction, when a website loads slower while you are accessing data of information on the webpage then it would be difficult for viewing. We assure you in designing the website with high-speed reloading speed between the WebPages. Our web designing service assures in making the WebPages easier to access with fast access options. In fact, this would automatically give a complete solution. We ensure to deliver cutting-edge website design services within the time limit. Our web designing team assures in designing the fast-loading and responsive website, offering the most intriguing look as well as feel. Whether you are a startup or big enterprise, our team assures in creating the first-in-class web design with the highest page loading speed and accessibility.


World Wide Web is full of websites with a long line of business. When you like to compete with more than Millions of sites, then having an innovative strategy is one of the significant options. Having a specific unique feature on the website for getting the positive work done mainly assures in increasing the notable feature of the site. Video and animation play an important role in attracting viewers. Getting the attention of the people with stylishly designed animation would be much easier. Animation can be used in the web menu, moving icons, hidden menus, and many other techniques, especially while clicking the button. Our team mainly works positively in making your site more notable. Displaying the animated videos gives a better advantage in introducing more number of products. Our short and simple videos mainly have minimalism and flat designs. We create animated videos that are highly engaging, accessible, search-engine friendly, as well as optimized.

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