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A website to reach a successful and functional stage, it must go through a various developmental process. This includes gathering of information, creation of the site, regular maintenance for keeping it updated with time. The process can be different depending on designers, but the basics are the same for all. We got in touch with a few freelance web developer in Kerala and asked about the design phases. Let’s see what they have to tell us.

The process includes:

  • Gathering of information
  • Planning the website
  • Designing
  • Development process
  • Testing and launching
  • Maintenance

In these processes, the design is one of the important phases that you don’t want to rush because compromising on the design will lead your website to suffer.

On this blog post, let’s look at different phases of design to get a better understanding of the importance it plays on a website’s success.

Pre Design Stage

Before designing the app or website starts, it is crucial to start planning. The pre-design phase consists of 3 sub-stages. Let us briefly introduce you with these three stages:

Analyzing your competitors

The first and foremost thing that you require is some details about your competitors so that you know if you can compete with them on the market. Following other apps will help you know the practices incorporated by them and other vulnerabilities their apps have so that you aim to provide a better experience to the users than your competitors.

Understanding System Architecture

An app design or website design must be functional with your specific website or app. It is important that before starting with design, a designer must analyze the system architecture. The details of the technical requirement on the back-end are important too.

For an app or website to be scalable, reliable and secure, the design team must have access to your functional spec sheet with details of all the data flows and flow charts.


A wireframe is basically a vision or a layout of what your app will look like, what each screen will look like or what it will feature. Creating a wireframe is not rocket science, anyone can do it who already has a vision of what their app or website should look like.

A design team will use this vision or layout to develop your website or app.

Mood Boards

Perhaps the important point of a mood board is to be visually appealing so that it can evoke ideas to a designer. So many of designing fields like fashion, interior, web, graphics, etc., use a mood board.

Everything you cannot put in words about your style or design, a mood board will successfully do so. These are also helpful to establish a strong foundation for your design.

Color Palettes

Planning a color palette is equally important.  Most successful brands if you imagine now, have colors that are signature to their website or app. The color palette will have brand colors, primary colors, text color, icon color, etc.

Mockups and Prototyping

It is at this stage, you will know the app’s design, functionality and usability. High fidelity mockups and prototypes, which combine your wireframe,  must be created before the development of the final version of your app.


After the design phase, the web developer uses the design and develops a functional website out of it. A web developer is the one that develops all the core functionalities of a website using coding languages. Depending on different people or teams, you may get a team of web designers and developers in the same team or might have to approach different teams for your website or app. There are many freelance web developer in Kerala, and freelancers mostly work alone.

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