website design and development in Kerala

website design and development in Kerala

Web design trends are continually changing as a result of growing technology and creativity. Modern web designs in 2021 are more about bringing back the old vibes and coming up with something engaging rather than hi-tech techniques. We spoke to some of the experts from the sector of website design and development in Kerala and asked about website design trends that will be popular in 2021. Let’s take a look at what 2021 brings to web designs.

Visual Story telling

Web users in 2021 are impatient more than ever. Overloaded content on the internet is making it harder for the business to be unique. Shorter attention spans are not the way a business will grow. Companies are looking for something that can not only grab attention but also hold it. This is where storytelling comes in – where the designers are trying to tell stories to the users through web experiences.

Animated cursors

Animated cursors don’t get the hype or praise it deserves. Probably because most of us hardly give attention to the cursors. But animated cursor is one of the smart ways to make your website stand out because no matter what your website is about, the cursor plays a significant role. A designer can make a simple part of the website into something entertaining, and no one will ever overlook the tiny detail.

Scrolling cards

Whether horizontally or vertically, scrolling patterns can prolong user interest and give them an excellent scrolling experience. Scrolling cards, when done right, can let you adjust the pace and delivery of the content. Card styles can go with most kinds of background, from a minimal to a detailed one. You can put a lot of content in a card format to be seen and read.

Audio content

Audio content on websites will be getting more popular in the coming years, which offers audio as an integral part of a design. This helps the visually impaired individual and someone who wishes to listen to the content rather than read. Some newspaper apps have a feature where you can listen to the text rather than read, and in 2021, it is expected that more and more websites come up with this feature.

B&W design

If there’s only one thing that never goes out of fashion, it will be black and white. A website that only has monochromatic black and white design is classic, powerful and timeless.

A designer cannot go wrong with black and white because it eliminates the risk of color palettes matching. But a designer must fulfill the void created by devoid of color with other elements in the web designs. For example, catching typography, grids, and layouts will help them create a successful and unique website.


If you are considering launching a website in 2021, you will find many services of website design and development in Kerala that can guide you with modern website designs. Or you can share your ideas with web development teams so that they can successfully create a website for you.

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