Top 5 Crazy Website Design Trends People are loving in 2020

Remember the basic web look of Facebook of its initial days? Not cool …right? Surely we love how it looks today. So, if you look at any of your favourite websites today, it is for sure on its way to look even better in the future. Staying up to date with the changing trend works to your advantage whichever industry you belong to here some of the Website Design Trends we place in front of you.

Additionally, giving a makeover to your website matching the latest trend gives a sense of reliability to your daily website visitors.

In this post, we have listed the top 5 website design trends of 2020 and we hope this will help you make a quick decision with your next new website look. At the end of each trend, we have also provided design tips from our website design experts. Stay glued as we walk you through the Website Design Trends 2020!

  1. Less is Lovely Website Design

 Simplicity is the key, and the designer community to agrees. Basic & minimal is winning hearts of viewers for its classic appeal. Smooth navigation and minimum text are dominating the screens. You can also try just black & white.

Pro Tip: Try presenting yourself without pictures. Make it easy for viewers to know you by using only text on a white background.

  1. No Code Formula Design Trends

The revolution was much needed and it has arrived. This must not be taken as a drawback for designers and developers. Although the no code method gives leverage to non-coders to put their ideas to motion easily, you still would want to hire a professional.

Pro Tip: Popular websites like allows anyone to easily create amazing websites. The platform also has features to opt for hosting service, edit your design anytime, and publish in a jiffy.

  1. All Dark Design Mode

It was interesting to see when Dark Mode websites started trending globally. How can something like this look so fascinating? Dark Mode especially black backgrounds pull out web elements for them to stand out more clearly. Dark backgrounds also boost the visibility of other colours.

Pro Tip: Mix Dark Mode background with clean graphics

  1. Floating Elements Design

We sometimes love what a kid would love and enjoy watching it on loop. Something similar happens with websites too. Making focused elements float on your screen is not the only eye-catchy but works well for Search Engine Optimization. If surveys are to be believed, it reduces the bounce rate of your website.

Pro Tip: Do not let too many elements float.

  1. Hand Drawn Sketches

Illustrations, hand-drawn graphics, handwritten letters if done perfectly are soulfully appealing. While it gives an upper hand to the artist illustrators, web developers are loving the trend too. This one is the best way to showcase your creativity.

Pro Tip: Basic illustrations won’t work. If you are selecting this trend, let the illustrations be super great.

Our Take

Many website developers and designers in Trivandrum, India are following the Website Design Trends 2020 and have developed amazingly beautiful websites. See a few samples here.

The year 2020 looks promising from the digital front. However, there will still be brands that would have their own say when it comes to protecting themselves online and not be a part of the Website Design Trends 2020. While we do not want you to strictly follow the trend, taking a few tips will only benefit.

Remember the Parallax background that made its mark a few years ago? How easily we saw it fading away as the new trends took its place. What may look glorious this year may not fascinate later. So, making a calculative decision to adopt the change is advised.

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