freelance website design in Trivandrum

freelance website design in Trivandrum

A website is one of the best marketing tools. Nowadays, every business needs a website. The license of the business, contact details of the leaders, the product, and the shopping cart need to be included in the website. This emerging business requirement has given rise to several website designers even in remote cities. As a result, many people do freelance website design in Trivandrum.

 However, an ill-designed website may cause the business to crash, in the long run. So, let us discuss a few tips to build an effective business website. The tips are as follows-

Simplify Navigation- The moment the customers find the navigation of a website complicated, they abandon the site. The viewers should get a clear way to return to the home page, regardless of where they are. They may be led away from the home page while searching for a product. So, simple navigation contributes to an effective business website.

Keep The Pages Clutter-Free- Only relevant and valuable information should be present on the page. The more content a page has, the longer it will take to load the pages. Any content or widget which doesn’t appear to be relevant needs to be removed immediately. Cluttered pages reduce the visibility of important information.  It is natural for any business website to contain important information.

Check the Authenticity Of The Content- The authenticity and accuracy of any content need to be validated. Every page needs to be proofread thoroughly before it goes live. Even after the content goes live, it needs to be checked periodically, to ensure whether all the information is up-to-date. Any obsolete information needs to be updated immediately. Any business website needs to contain only the most updated information.

 Have A Call-To-Action- Each page of the website should compel the customers to do something- make a call, buy a product, or know more about something. A good call-to-action is an integral part of every freelance website design in Trivandrum.

A link or a  button should help the customers take their required steps. They should be placed somewhere near the top so that the customers do not need to search for the same.

Keep the website design simple– An intricate and jarring design may repel the sober customers. A few over-intricate designs may also slow down the page load site. The page load speed needs to be optimized for any business website. The content should have more than one paragraph. The important points need to be organized according to bullets. Such techniques of designing also render a neat appearance to the pages and generate more traffic.

Place The Contact Information Near The Top – The customers need the contact information of the business leaders or customer care towards the top. Such contact details are of utmost importance to them. So, it needs to be visible. Customers consider a website to be reliable and genuine only if the contact details of a person are available. Multiple businesses use social media to stay in touch with customers. In those cases, it is important to place the social media links towards the footer or header, where they are easily available.

Heed The Need For Speed- The 21st century is fast-paced. People look for websites that load as fast as lightning. Studies reveal the moment any website takes longer than three seconds to load, customers abandon it. Such abandonment affects the traffic and causes loss of revenue. So, the website designers should respect the need for speed of the younger generation who belong to this century. They should design the website so that it loads within three seconds.

 Make The Site Mobile-Optimized-  Studies reveal that most people browse websites through their smartphones. As a result, a business may lose valuable revenue if the site doesn’t open on any mobile. A variety of tools are available online to make any website mobile-optimized. People without any coding knowledge may use these tools for making the sites mobile optimized. So, it is a good idea to ensure the site is mobile-optimized before launching it. Mobile-optimized business websites boost the conversion rate and promote sales.

Add A Personal Touch- Several customers are curious to know whether they will be dealing with a real person if they get involved in the business. Also, brand value is of prime importance in any business. So, the business leaders should add a personal touch to their website. The personal touch may be anything-even a brand logo or a message to encourage customers from the CEO may be regarded as a personal touch.

Make It Easier To Find The Business Website- Every businessman needs to have a domain name that describes the business. It is also possible to have several domains that point to the website. Alternately, if customers need to find the website, chances are that many of them will not find the business worth their trouble. The domain name may also be the name of the company.

Conclusion- “Slow and steady wins the race” is quite a popular proverb. The irony is that this proverb does not apply to the business websites of the 21st century. The main aim of a business website is to promote sales, generate more traffic, and increase the rate of conversions, The tips discussed above are tried and tested ways of building the website effectively. These tips help business websites fulfil their aim.


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