SEO company in Kerala for Re branding

SEO company in Kerala

Hey there! You are here because either you want to make your brand’s content SEO optimized from DAY 1, or you want to rebrand your business. Whether it’s about rebranding or to improve your online presence, a successful SEO company in Kerala says SEO is the KEY!

According to an SEO agency in Kerala, relying solely on organic searches is a great choice. But not the smartest one in this era of competition.

Through this blog post, we are leading you with a few ultimately rewarding tips. And two most simple steps that are easy to acquire. So, keep reading.

Firstly, let’s get over with the naming; this is a critical aspect of rebranding.

 Do you need to re-name every time?

 Well, no not in every case, sometimes if you aren’t able to score the rankings for the existing name, getting rid of it can be really helpful.

What to remember while changing names?

While changing so many aspects of your website, remember to stay true to the old brand (products, services, and non-branded queries) but also work your way closer to your new vision. By doing so, loyal customers will not be warded off but encourage the change.

Now, it takes more than just changing the name and a new logo. Actual execution is the part where all the magic sleeps.

 When you’ve invested all that time and resources into building your old brand in the digital space, this might not be easy, but it’s worth the turn.

Domain migrations and website redesign are a crucial part of the SEO– friendly rebranding process, and even small mistakes can affect revenue! So, relying on an expert like an SEO agency in Bangaloreadvises you to.

Hire an expert, let his experience serve for your brand growth.

Always web-check before proceeding. A smart rebranding strategy is a way you don’t end up losing brand-related traffic and rankings.

This is more of a transition before a huge-rise. So, treat it that way.

Now, let’s get to the juicy steps!

  1. Use all Social media opportunities.

 Being in the digital sector, you already know what social media connectivity is capable of.

Social media doesn’t affect SEO directly, but there’s no denying that it’s crucial to your SEO efforts – especially when SEO-friendly rebranding. Social media is there to announce your new brand, build hype, and help drive tons of traffic to your new site.

First and foremost, you’ll need to update all your social networks. Make sure to announce your rebrand. The more it is out there, the more influence and excitement it creates.

Spread the word way in advance, get immense feedback if your brand is well-networked.

Most important of them all get your audience excited about what’s coming.

Give your loyal audience a reward for the journey they helped you walk with strength.

  1. Don’t get rid of everything at once

We understand that not everything is working, and that’s what led you to the rebranding process. But a few contents, if it’s pre-optimized, can be useful in the future scenarios.

If you were running a well-optimized and useful blog on your website, you could take this opportunity to update and optimize the posts.

SEO companies have revolutionized this process. Don’t hesitate to approach and hire them. They can perform an SEO audit, adjust your content, and optimize it for other keywords as well.

Maintaining your original content is not only simply because of URL redirects, but also because it helps you keep your authorship and authority in Google’s eyes. (Never snap on that traffic-revenue)

Once again, all of this takes time, so a good piece of advice to follow is to prioritize and start with your top-performing content.

However, this may not always be an option, and you might end up requiring a clean slate for your new site.

But hey, an expert can run the audit and fix it in a matter of a few hours. So, I suggest that you trust the experts.

And this shall lead you to better results in no time.

Hope this read helps you, ALWAYS EXECUTE and not just read and sit around.

Thank you for reading.

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