freelance digital marketing in Kerala

freelance digital marketing in Kerala

Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the most pocket-friendly marketing strategies that are still effective. Consider PPC campaigns as an investment if you can make it targeted.

PPC campaign management, although an old marketing strategy, is not an easy task and requires knowledge and skills. And there’s a lot you need to learn before you start with PPC management.

Many business owners seem to neglect some key factors related to PPC marketing resulting in excluding themselves from getting the full benefits of high-quality ads and campaigns. If you are in charge of freelance digital marketing in Kerala, take a look at these 11 important factors. These will save you from wasting marketing budgets and will also help you to create profitable results.

  1. Plan Your Goals

The whole PCC campaign will depend on the goals you want to achieve, Hence, you must plan your campaign. It includes website traffic, sales conversion, views on a video, etc.

It is also important to set realistic as in achievable goals otherwise, you have chances of facing failure

  1. Research Best Target Keywords

A successful PPC campaign will need keyword research. Optimizing your ad copies with keywords will show your ads for the right search queries. Money keywords generally have multiple advertisers competing.

To increase your PPC strategy, research for keywords by using several tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, SpyFu.

  1. Leverage Negative Keywords

No marketer wants their ad to show up for relevant search queries. Hence, it is equally important to stop some keywords from showing up that are not relevant to your business.

These keywords are called negative keywords and are the opposite of keywords.

  1. Set Your Targeting

Depending on the campaign, you will face many targeting options while you are building a PPC campaign. While search campaigns provide keywords and audience targeting, display network campaigns provide more options.

Some of the options available are placement targeting, audience targeting, contextual targeting, topic targeting, etc.

  1. Select the suitable Landing Pages

Any PPC aims to take the users to another page where they can encourage them to take a particular action. These actions can be anything from buying a product, subscribing to some service or enrolling for a course, etc.

The page where all these happen is called a landing page and it is important to have the right one. pages that have high conversion rates are needed to be chosen.

  1. Create numerous Ad Groups

Creating multiple ad groups will help you target different keywords and audiences. Don’t restrict yourself to a little number of ad groups as it might make you miss out on many opportunities.

Ad groups help you to be more specific with your targeting.

  1. Optimize Your Ads

Of all the important factors, the most important will prove to be the content of the ads. This is what, at the end of the day, will help people decide whether they will click on the ads. Make sure the ad copy can grab the audience’s attention.

  1. Optimize Your Bids

Set your maximum CPC bid, highest money you pay for a single click while running a PPC campaign. Remember that your maximum bid should be high but not so high so you spend all your budget.

  1. Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing campaigns are targeted at the existing users, which have had some interaction with your brand before. Remarketing can show users or customers a personalized ad, like reminding a user to buy a product that they have left on the cart without buying.

This marketing acts as a push for the customers to buy or act on a product.

  1. Monitor Your Conversions

After incorporating so many important things, you must also check if they are working in your favour. And you will not know this unless you monitor your conversion, which will also help you improve your future campaigns.

  1. Use A/B Testing

A/B testing is used for testing ad elements like CTAs, headlines, images, colours, etc. It also provides valuable insights into CTA pavements, layouts, visual elements, etc.


All the factors talked about above are tried and tested methods. Also very important for effectiveness. If you are looking for freelance digital marketing in Kerala, or willing to kick start your own, these 11 points might help.

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