Freelance mobile apps in Trivandrum

The 21st century is so fast-paced and the people do not have time to visit the local stores. That is why so many eCommerce sites have proliferated. Statistics have revealed that most of the consumers browse their eCommerce sites through their mobiles. So, the eCommerce sites are available in apps. Several freelance apps in Trivandrum have a few common features.

Let us discuss a few features that are necessary for an eCommerce app-

Easy Registration-The customers should be able to register easily into an eCommerce site. They should also have the option to log in to the eCommerce app through their Facebook or Google profile.

User-friendly Product Filtering– When the customers search for a necessary product, they are required to perform several steps. If the number of steps is reduced, the sales will receive a boost. A lesser number of steps will also provide a positive user experience. As a result, user-friendly product filtering will increase brand loyalty. So, many freelance apps in Trivandrum utilize this feature.

Detailed Product Description- A detailed product description will reduce the risk of a rash purchase. People who read the description will know the exact measurements of the product, the warranty, and other details. The photos will not provide the exact information.

Product Gallery- Many eCommerce stores offer 3D product visualization in the gallery. The product gallery lets the customers see any product from every angle.  A product page is incomplete without a product gallery.

Present The Products With Augmented Reality- Augmented Reality lets the customers present the products to the customers in reality. Many customers opt for a try-before-you-buy experience. This feature helps customers take real-life decisions.

Shopping Cart- The shopping cart is one of the prime features of an eCommerce app. It lets the customers choose the cart in several phases. Any shopping cart allows a positive user experience by adding the shopping cart to the eCommerce app.

Order Summary- Most of the eCommerce apps show a short order summary. It is an important feature. People feel happier if they can check whether their order includes all the items they are buying.

Secure in-app payments – Most of the modern eCommerce apps allow in-app payments. It is important to have in-app payments security so that the data of the customers is not compromised.

Returns And Checking The Return Status-The process of returning a product needs to be smooth. The eCommerce app developers need to ensure that the return process is transparent, to maintain the reputation of their brand. So, the customers should also be able to check the status of their refund.

Check The Shipping Status- It feels lovely indeed to receive a product. So, many eCommerce sites allow people to check the shipping status. This feature improves the service interactions between the customer and the brand for mobile Apps.


Ecommerce has attained immense popularity in the 21st century. Freelance mobile apps in Trivandrum are common because they address customer needs. They address the business requirements immediately.

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