digital marketing company in Trivandrum

digital marketing company in Trivandrum

Every freelancer or a content writing agency comes to a point, sooner or later, when they realize that they have to constantly try to onboard new clients. Because without clients, there is no work and without work, there’s no income.

We all like to be financially stable, which is why if you, as a freelancer or writing agency, doing well as of now, doesn’t necessarily mean you can let down your guard. You have to constantly put yourself out there and bring yourself more clients.

But what things can you do to bring more clients? Here’s what a digital marketing company in Trivandrum suggests. Read through these 6 headings to know the steps used by agencies to never run out of clients. These steps will also save you if you have already run out of clients.

Cold Emailing

Cold emailing is one of the most basic steps of a marketing strategy. Perhaps, this is why it gets overlooked with the entries of so many new and exciting marketing strategies.

But don’t make the mistake of playing down the part of cold emailing for your marketing. You will be surprised to know that 80% of the prospects prefer email as a first-contact method.

Cold emailing will only cost you some time and nothing else.


It is quite understandable that not everyone is good at writing proposals. But it becomes so important when you are trying to find a good deal. Many agencies use this strategy, especially to find new web design clients.

Many businesses issue Requests for Proposals(REP) online. It might be a multi-step process but it will help your business to get bigger contracts and projects, while you also gain visibility.

Additional Services

Restricting your business to just one industry or service will not help you grow as a business or company. You will find that most successful agencies around the world are selling a variety of services, which leads to attracting a wide group of clients.

Here’s what you can do to provide more services:

If your agency is related to web development and web designing, you can include other related services as well, like, web content creation, marketing services, SEO services, strategic planning, etc.


Events are the best places for in-person cold pitches. Conferences are attended by many business people, finding your right client shouldn’t be a hard job for you. Given that you know the right ways. Attending events is also great for growing the visibility of your business and guess what? Traveling to different places and meeting new people can be exciting and fun.

Know what is trending

Agencies thrive on trends. And for this reason, you must always keep pace with them. It’s not just keeping pace with what is trending in your industry but about other industries as well.

You have to be updated with what your competitors are providing as well as the requirements of your future clients.

For example, if you are a digital marketing company in Trivandrum, you need to learn and research about consumers behind habits as well as other digital marketing companies in Trivandrum.


When a client appreciates your work, they might not have more work for you but they can help you reach other clients for more work. But if you don’t already have a referral strategy, you might miss out on these opportunities.

Referral strategies are one of the most powerful marketing tools. Using your existing connections to get more projects is a skill you should be wanting to learn to grow your business


Owning an agency will provide you with lots of benefits, including the part where you can be your boss but like mentioned above, you have to constantly show up, and cannot let your guard down. You will have to learn different tactics, often- if not every day, and aim to attract more clients and bigger projects.

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