How to Advertise on Google Easy way

Google being the popular search engine globally, makes it an important platform to use for advertise for marketers. Google owns a whopping 70% of the search engine market share digital marketing companies in Trivandrum will support you to get the best result.

Marketing on Google is highly competitive. Let us look at a few steps as to how to advertise on Google.

Google AdWords

Create Your Account

Firstly, you need to set up an account with Google AdWords. This is a simple step that can be done by visiting Google Ads and fill out the required credentials. After everything is done, one needs to choose the ‘Expert’ mode before proceeding to campaign goals.

Identify Your Campaign Goals

Ask yourself what you want to achieve from this campaign. Once you have an answer, you have a clear goal. having a clear goal will make your process easier

Select Your Campaign Type

After you have known your campaign goal, the next step is to choose the campaign type for your Google Ad. A campaign type is what determines where your ads are being displayed.

You don’t have to try out every campaign type to see what is suitable. A simple hovering of the cursor over the ads should tell you enough to choose a campaign for you.

Choose Your Target Location

Choose Your Target Location

Choosing a target location is essential because you can target your ads better and get quality leads. Google has a default plan to show ads to people on different factors, which might not always be useful for you.

It is useful to choose a country, state or city. With advanced targeting options, you can also add a radius or kilometers.

Choose Your Target Language and Audience

Suppose your ad targets a population who doesn’t speak the same language as you or does not actively use the international standard language. It would be best if you used language targeting to solve this issue.

This option will help you select the language of the users that you are targeting.

Plan Your Budget

Plan Your Budget

Luckily Google doesn’t have a limit on ad spend. Based on campaign type, your budget may vary. These need to be researched before the campaign starts.

Your Ad Extensions

After choosing your budget, select your ad extensions. Ad extensions will appear on Google search results, which improves the effectiveness of the copy of the ad. This can also lead to a higher click-through rate

Call extensions, Callout extensions, and site link extensions are the three types of ad extensions.

Choose Your Keywords

The next step is to create multiple ad groups and choose multiple target keywords. An ad group will help you know the estimated daily clicks, cost-per-click, and total cost. Keywords are the main part of your ad campaign, and not choosing the right keywords will not help your ads reach the right audience.

 Set up Your Landing Page(s)

You need to have a landing page, especially if you are looking to drive traffic or generate links. Your landing page design has a lot to do with attracting customers. There are also ad-specific landing pages for keeping the customers engaged.

Set up Your Ad Copy

The next step is to add the details which will appear on the ad, including the ‘final URL,’ which is the same URL of the page to which customers will be diverted.

You can add up to three headlines, and each will be separated by ‘|’.

Check Your Ad before launch

You must check for any errors before you launch your ad on Google. After everything is done, you will know if the ad looks exactly how it was intended. It is also indeed a good idea to ask other people to go through the reviewing process.

Enhance Your Quality Score

Even after launching your ad, what you can do is monitor it and check the quality score. You can later take steps to increase the same score. Google uses this same Quality Score to determine cost-per-click.


PPC advertising is one of the marketing strategies that doesn’t need expert knowledge, and yet you can make serious revenue. Going through all the steps properly will surely get you to launch a successful ad.

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