freelance web designing in Kerala

freelance web designing in Kerala

For a lot of activity, be it for business, an institution, or social gatherings you have to be accustomed to an audience. A major chunk of that activity is credited to web design—the thing that gives a face to the brand on the web, or the first impression. The market of web designing is ever booming, and there are plenty of agencies and freelancers that are known for their great work on web designing. Even though the prospect of web designing sounds glamorous at first instance, there are a few common mistakes that spoil the whole purpose. This article will help you understand them, which is quite noteworthy for freelance web designing in Kerala.

Uneasy Navigation

This is possibly the first and foremost key element of web design and is often overlooked. No matter how flashy the page looks, the navigation has to be simple with a touch of elegance. Such that it is instinctively easy to handle, even for a person with low computer literacy.

A website not compatible on Mobile

70% of the data usage in the world is through mobile. So there is hardly any need to emphasize the importance of the web page to work on a smartphone. Creating a webpage compatible is tougher than creating a normal webpage, but it is heavily advised to those willing to freelance web designing in Kerala, to learn the art of mobile development as well.

No Header tags

Header tags are an indicator of different paragraphs of the website content. This helps people scan the page and have a know-how of the content they are looking for. Hence missing these header tags is a big mistake to avoid them on SEO.

Hidden Contact information

As per a survey, 64% of people visiting a website look for the contact information. And if that is not easily found, it is highly frustrating for anyone and the possibility of losing out on business.

Links Opening in a new window

There is nothing new that a website will have links for people to click. But the question is, what is the best practice? The link should open in a new tab, not a new window, and never on the same page.

No Bulletins

This may seem silly, but the use of bullets makes an article more readable and pleasing to readers than a simple one. So don’t dodge the bullet.

No SSL certification

SSL certification is an indication that the website is safe for surfing. In the present day, this is highly convenient for users and is aware of it. In fact, not having an SSL certificate lowers the rank of a webpage in Google search.

Unnecessary Pop-ups

Yes, pop-ups are important to increase the number of subscribers. But if the number of pop-ups is excessive, it is annoying and may lead to the user boycott the website. So the best option is to create likeable pop-ups or set the frequency to an applicable setting.

Heavy content

Images, graphics, and multimedia on a webpage are a delight to the eyes of the user. But the catch is that this could lead to the page being too heavy and hence take incredibly more time to load. Hence the thing to keep in mind is to use videos only if they are conveying some information.

Infinite Scrolling

Avoid infinite scrolling and limit the number of pages to below 10 for Google to index. Also, use an anchor to let you go back to the top when you go to the bottom of the page, or even while scrolling through the page.


Hope this article helps the web designers, as well as those willing to freelance web designing in Kerala, to learn from the common mistakes made in the field of web designing.

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