freelance Mobile Application Development

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freelance Mobile Application Development

In these modern times, almost every brand has decided to enter the online world, and eventually, they create their mobile applications to do their business. Brands hire many coders and developers to create their applications and maintain them. It takes a great deal of human sweat and time to create stable mobile applications, and the job isn’t done there. The developers even have to fix future bugs and problems with the applications. Considering Bangalore is one of the fastest growing IT sectors, there are many freelance mobile apps development in Bangalore.

Device Platforms

 There are many software and operating systems out there, but around 2-3 major OSs dominate the current smartphone market. Developers and coders can create applications based on the platform they like to release it on. The preference completely depends upon the client. Android is the leading operating system among other Softwares, and developers can create mobile applications on this platform too.

Four Major Development Approaches
freelance Mobile Application Development

You can go quite a few ways when developing a mobile application for any brand or company. The following are the four major development approaches:

  • Native App Development – If you go with this method, then the application will be specific to only a particular software, and hence multiple applications need to be prepared for multiple software. 
  • Cross-Platform App Development – This way, the mobile application can run on multiple platforms hence reducing the stress of creating multiple applications for multiple software.
  • Rapid Mobile App Development – This is a time-saving method in which the developers create a cross-platform application in the shortest time with minimum features. The tools and options present in the application are also simple and not as deep as a regular application.
  • Hybrid App development – This type of pf approach also comes under the cross-platform app development. The application is simple like a and loaded with features, and at the same time, it is fast.

The developer or coder can go with any of the methods mentioned above, depending upon the client’s resources and requirements. Cross-Platform app development is mostly preferred, considering how much time it saves.

Front-end vs. Back-end

It’s pretty simple to understand the difference between front-end and back-end application development. To put it front-end is what the users see, and it mostly relates to the user interface that the application is comprised of. Back-end application development means the complete infrastructure or the application’s pillars that the user cannot see like the user interface. The back-end is basically the code that holds the whole application together and which communicates with the server and then back to the device. Front-end can be viewed as the windows, doors, and walls of the building, and the back-end can be viewed as the piping and electrical wiring of the building that people usually cannot see.

How Front-end connects with Back-end 

For a device to function properly, the software is not enough. The device needs to have hardware that does the work that software cannot do. Both are dependent on each other, and both work in unity towards achieving one goal. In the same way, If Front-end doesn’t connect with Back-end, then there’s no point in creating a mobile application. The Front-end sends requests to the back-end. The back-end receives the requests, goes on to the server, acquires the request, and then eventually supplies it to the front-end and hence delivers a smooth result to the user’s request.

You can either go for a developer who does both front-end and back-end or hires two separate developers. Freelance mobile apps development in Bangalore has become a huge trend, and many companies hire Bangalore developers. For the mobile application to work like a well-oiled machine, both front-end and back-end need to work in harmony and give the user what he/she wants.

Cloud Back-end

A freelance mobile app developer chooses this path when he/she isn’t an expert in back-end app development. This way, the freelance mobile app developer can completely focus on the application’s main interface rather than the back-end stuff.

Cloud back-end has become very famous in recent years and has caught the attention of many developers; the developers are going for this considering the security and scalability it provides. There are many websites where you can find freelance mobile apps development in Bangalore. The freelancer can be expertise in front-end development or back-end development or both, and you can choose the method through which you want your mobile application to be developed.

freelance Mobile Application Development

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