eCommerce apps in Kerala

eCommerce apps in Kerala

A website or App? That’s a big question many brands are asking today. So, today let’s understand this in detail and make it simple for you to make a decision on whether an app or a website. We got in touch with an expert who builds eCommerce apps in Kerala, and he told us a lot of insights about brands who have been juggling between a website and an app.

In this article, we’ve tried to cover our experiences and information we gathered from companies working on eCommerce app in Kerala. So, let’s begin!

If you want to boost the online presence of your E-commerce brand, then having a full-fledged website is of utmost significance. Without a website, it is not possible to take your brand to your target customers. Additionally, if you have optimized your E-commerce website for search engine results, then it can perform like a great tool to gain customers.

Unlike apps, one need not download a site. Customers can surf the website just by being online. Also, if your company is new, then having an app won’t be of much help. E-commerce apps are good for already established, reputed brands. New E-commerce brands always need a responsive, interactive website.

On the other hand, these websites depend on internet connection. A poor network may interrupt the shopping experience while the buyer is on the go. Apps, however, sort things out. A buyer can save multiple things on your smartphones using these apps. A slow loading speed of the websites leads to 98% shopping car abandonment cases. However, with E-commerce apps, customers feel comfortable placing orders in the cart or wish list, bookmark their favorite products, and place orders conveniently.

E-commerce apps keep things simple, convenient, and interesting for buyers. First of all, these apps are quick and sophisticated. They look attractive, are easy to use, and have multiple features that customers love to utilize. Also, the rate of cart abandonment in the case of E-commerce apps is just 20%. A buyer can easily make his payment checkouts, using these apps. Hence, purchase rates automatically increase.

However, certain loopholes come with E-commerce apps. If you have an E-commerce brand, then you must have the idea of the cut-throat competition that prevails in the market. So, it can be quite difficult to gain the trust and attraction of your target customers just by using an app. Acquiring a first-time client with an app seems way more difficult than acquiring one using a website. But the brighter aspect is that an E-commerce app works brilliantly in converting the first-time buyer into a loyal and regular buyer of your brand products.

Also, while developing an app for your E-commerce brand, you need to be mindful of factors like customer experience, workload, etc. Always go for an app that offers an amazing customer experience as well as reduces your workload and makes things easier and convenient for both of you.

What’s our take?

This brings us to the point that e-commerce apps and websites go hand in hand. You will require both of them if you want to taste success in your e-commerce business. A well-developed e-commerce website will bring in target customers, while a pretty cute, well-built mobile app will make these customers faithful and regular. Having both will definitely give the much-needed kick start to your e-commerce business.

Here are a few points that you can keep in mind while developing your e-commerce app and websites

  • Make sure that the product pages of the website look appealing and simple to your customers.
  • The search bar should be prominent enough so that your customers can look for the products they want conveniently.
  • Display honest reviews on your website at a place that can easily grab the attention of your prospective buyers.
  • In the case of an app, make sure that the log-in process is simple and less time-consuming. No one likes to spend time on a cumbersome log-in process.
  • Your app should be capable of offering accurate product tracking features.
  • E-commerce apps should offer easy-in and easy-out policies.
  • The more advanced AI features it offers, the better response you will get from your buyers.

Keep these points in mind and take your e-commerce business to the next level. If you are still in a doubt, connect with a consultant or an expert on both website and Ecommerce app in Kerala.

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