digital marketing Trivandrum

digital marketing Trivandrum

The pandemic has made most businesses rethink and change their modes of operation. Many are still struggling to keep up with the fluctuating economy. A few companies holding steady even in these difficult times owe it to their capability to make rapid creative changes.

Despite the tumultuous situation, many businesses have high hopes for the year 2021. They expect things to go back to normal in about two years gradually. Some even believe the COVID-19 might have a positive impact on their future business endeavors. No one can vouch for these predictions’ authenticity, but one thing is absolute: business in the pandemic time is not the same as before.

The marketing world has witnessed a significant shift in its undertakings. Digital marketing has taken over and is here to stay! If your business wants to continue being relevant in the present and the future, it has to adapt to digital marketing’s new rules and strategies.

To help you stay strong in your game in 2021, we spoke to a renowned consultant servicing digital marketing Trivandrum and assimilated five digital marketing trends that you can put to use:

Make Videos a Compulsion

Graphic content can never be compared to text content. Naturally, graphic demonstrations will attract more audience engagement than most other forms of content. If your company has not yet used the boon, which is video marketing, it is high time already!

Data costs have reduced a great deal. The availability of smartphones has surged. These have propagated the idea of binge-watching videos of anything and everything, anytime and anywhere. It is seen that about 54% of consumers turn to watch videos about products before purchasing them.

The rise in video marketing has led to a growth in YouTube and Instagram influencers who partner with various brands to launch their products via live streaming. This, in turn, expands the customer base a great deal.

Invest in Ingenious Partnerships

The partnership goes a long way in increasing customer interference. But you ought to choose your partners with much deliberation and care. Try to find companies in and around Kerala that complement your product or service. In this way, your customers will receive better offers.

You can also try cross-promoting your brands with another company. It will lead to an increase in both the businesses’ client base and will strengthen their trust in your service, helping in promoting your reputation.

Make Use of Personalized Emails

Everyone prefers personalized services. The same goes for email marketing. Even with a swell in different types of social media, email has maintained its importance. You can use the benefits of personalized email marketing to your company’s advantage. Researches show that personalized email campaigns have higher chances of generating revenue through better mail opening and click-through rates than generalized emails that are mostly anonymous.

Utilise Instagram’s Popularity

Among all the social media platforms that are gaining popularity now, nothing can compare itself with Instagram. Over a billion people around the world use it regularly. Owing to this popularity, influencer marketing has also come to the forefront. Instead of restricting yourself to just Facebook, explore the nuances of other sought-after platforms like Instagram and use them to your advantage.

Brand Storytelling

Every brand has something to say about itself. Brand storytelling is beneficial in digital marketing. It exposes a human side to your business. The more human, vulnerable, and relatable your stories will be, the more the customer’s faith will be.

If you can strategically use this feature, it will somewhat guarantee your continuous success.


Marketing is an ever-evolving subject. But its essence never changes – it strives to help the companies build better relationships with their clientele, attracting more revenue by marketing your product or service.

If you are looking for services related to digital marketing Trivandrum, Kerala ensure you connect with a professional who is aware of the new trends.

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