freelancer website designing in Trivandrum

freelancer website designing in Trivandrum

Are you planning on building a website for the global audience? A global friendly website means more attention and traffic to your website, and that’s what most website owners look to achieve. If your business caters to a multicultural audience, you definitely need a global friendly website by freelancer website designing in Trivandrum

A global-friendly website needs a boost to reach an international audience. Using websites to achieve good leads and better conversion rates is one way you can grow your business. But from maintaining an active online presence to ensuring enhanced traffic on the website, is it that easy?

To know the answer, and hopefully, some solution, let’s take a look at 7 tips from web design experts to impress the global audience.

 Is your content inclusive of multiple languages?

Content transcription is your answer if your website is not yet optimized for multiple languages. A multilingual website needs content transcription because it focuses on more than just translation- recreating the content with the same meaning, intent, and context. Transcription is essential because it doesn’t change the context while translating to another language, or your message doesn’t get wrongly conveyed.

Now, you might wonder, why isn’t English enough, considering English is a global language? But the truth is, English is not enough. According to experts, you should plan for a 30-40% expansion in content while translating to German and at least 20% while translating to French.

 Do the images have text in them?

Having images on a website is very common, but if those images have content or text written over them or in them, it might be a problem. Google cannot translate the text on images because they don’t remain in text format.

If your website has too much text on images, either in headings, or logos, you may end up disappointing your audience for not being careful enough. No graphical text can be translated by software on your website, so the best way is to avoid images that have text on them.

Decide On Colour Arrangement

Different colors signify different meanings in other nations, so this might look complicated, but you cannot skip this part. Work on deciding the colors that will appeal to global audiences. We know it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, freelancer website designing in Trivandrum offers extensive research and guidance while choosing the colors. Imagine how much investment you will save from set up to management.

Consider the flexible and interactive layout.

Keeping all the requirements in mind is essential, although the website must be simple. For example, you will find that some languages are not written from left to right, but otherwise. When you are finally done with the development, look for global people who can provide suggestions and constructive criticism of the website for improvement. This will help you meet specific needs that the end audience deserves.

Make your website inclusive to the audience with a slower internet connection.

While first world countries have the privilege of having high-speed internet connectivity, it isn’t reasonable to assume that everyone has had the same facility. Loading of a web page might take minutes for some people depending on their internet connectivity.

With the help of freelancer website designing in Trivandrum, you can speed up your website with a content delivery network. This will also help you with speed on your site when your website is visited from a foreign location.


A global website design must include diverse strategies while trying to pitch to international clients. Look for experienced people to design your website who have worked on similar projects previously. Freelancer website designing in Trivandrum will help you add value to your business with a powerful and effective online presence.


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