freelancer SEO Trivandrum

freelancer SEO Trivandrum

Many factor are considered in the ranking of your website. Just diligently working on finding the keywords and employing them isn’t all that you have to do. If making all the efforts and following all the tips you’ve heard of isn’t giving you nearly as much progress, then it might be the time to get the help of freelancer SEO in Trivandrum.

Another great way of seeing progress is to learn about Search Engine Optimization as much as you can. Here are five ways to improve SEO rankings:

Focus on the Content

SEO will carry the content ahead of many websites out there. But your content has to be excellent in quality and of value to the reader so that the reader genuinely wants to read what you have written and stays longer. Contrary to what many websites do, extending your word count does not give you higher ranking opportunities in any case. It gives you the chance to be of more value by incorporating more keywords, links to other websites and gets people to read it more.

Use Header Tags

While writing, you have to muster all your skills in it. A huge chunk is unappealing to the eyes and deters people from reading it. Furthermore, it makes the text harder to read and digest also. You must format your article into different paragraphs and subheadings so that navigating through it becomes easy for a reader.

A Short And Sweet URL Address

Everything that is on the website contributes to the main subject topic with which the website deals. Pictures, videos, and help, but what else helps are the short URL address and the point and relevance to the website.

Add ALT Attributes For Images

The alt attribute is necessary for general, but with SEO, too, they help a lot. Search engines tend to read the alt attributes instead of the images, so you need to add relevant keywords and text for that alt attribute. You can try describing the image and relating it to the article so that the search engines read it that way.

Include Keywords Naturally

Many people tend to overdo it with the keywords in the hope of getting ranked higher. It does not work that way, and one has to use the keyword not to look irrelevant and spammed. Website users and search engines like a website that uses the keyword naturally. It can be understandably hard, but you can find any freelancer SEO in Trivandrum that will be able to help you with their services.


There are a lot of information and tips about how to improve Search Engine Optimization performance. So much of it that it cannot be possible included in one article. But one should keep practicing and learning about it to be on top of their game always. Making the correct use of SEO will help improve performance, and increase sales and even contribute to company profits. Keep learning and practicing about it, and in no time, you will be optimizing like a boss.

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